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We also believe in an honest day’s work, good shoes, loud music, taking a chance, fighting for the best idea, curiosity, high fives, belly laughs, imagination fuelling greatness, and of course beer, Tequila and Scotch to toast a job well done.

We are also a collective of diverse talents and opinions. Sometimes we agree with each other… lots of times we don’t. But we all agree that by working together, we can make something good become great.

  • Melody Dover President + Creative Director
    Melody founded Fresh Media in 2003 with the vision of helping businesses and brands grow to their potential through strategic creative ideas. That focus is still at the heart of all that Fresh Media does.

    With over two and a half decades working in the industry — from production to publishing, illustration to ideation, freelance to entrepreneur — Melody’s broad range of experiences and natural creative intuition drives our team to find those ‘what if’ possibilities. [email protected] /@melldover
  • Robbie Dover VP + Brand Strategist
    After 15+ years as a graphic designer, Robbie’s focus is now on the positioning, planning and words behind the designs.

    Robbie is primarily the ‘devil’s advocate’ for all strategy. He pokes holes in the idea from all angles until we have the strongest approach possible. He’s also the go-to guy for business development and PEI Burger Love partnerships. [email protected]
  • Meredith MacDonald Digital Account Manager
    With 10+ years of top-notch creative writing skills, project management, marketing, publishing, and idea generated successes, not to mention a love of all things Social Media - Meredith is the go-to-gal for keeping our clients’ digital brands at their best!

    Her offline skills include an abundance of 90’s hip hop knowledge, a quick wit, a love of Christmas (any time of year), an appreciation for caffeine and wine, and a devoted heart to her hubby and their two little boys.
  • Jeremy Brown Senior Web Developer
    When it comes to your online brand, Jeremy can build it. Problem solving is in his blood, and he taps into the best solution possible for whatever is on our client’s web wish list.

    After coding in every programming language possible over the last 10+ years, Jeremy’s knowledge for custom coding outshines any canned product. Template-free custom built websites are his specialty. He can also drive a snow plow and is constantly fixing one-too-many motorcycles.